Bushfire season to end tonight

The ACT Emergency Services Agency Commissioner Dominic Lane has announced that the official 2014/2015 bushfire season for the ACT will conclude to

Update - House fire in Griffith

The resident has been evacuated.

Firefighters have extinguished the fire.

ACT Fire & Rescue will shortly leave the incident.

House fire in Griffith

Firefighters are responding to a house fire in the Stuart Flats complex on Light Street in Griffith.

Update - Kitchen fire at Higgins

The fire has been extinguished and crews are mopping up.

Fire crews have searched the roof space to ensure no fire has spread.

Kitchen fire at Higgins

Firefigters are working to extinguish a fire in a kitchen at Nicholas Street, Higgins.

ADVICE - Grass fire at Melba

ACT Fire & Rescue is working to extinguish a grass fire burning at Copland Drive, Melba.