For help in floods and storms call 132 500


What does the SES do?

The ACTSES is a versatile and highly active volunteer emergency service organisation. ACTSES is the lead emergency service in planning for and responding to storms and floods. Volunteers help keep the community safe in times of need. The ACTSES can help you if:

  • A tree has fallen on or blocked access to your property or driveway
  • A tree is at risk of falling on or blocking access to your property or driveway
  • Your property is flooded or is in danger of flooding,
  • Your roof is damaged or leaking as a result of a storm
  • ACTSES can also provide preparedness information and education to the community

The ACTSES also partners directly with other agencies such as the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to assist with search operations.

What can't the SES help with?

In a storm or flood event the ACTSES will conduct temporary repairs to make your home or business safe and prevent further damage. The ACTSES will not:

  • Conduct permanent repairs
  • Remove rubbish
  • Transport green waste
  • Clean gutters
  • Prune trees

 The ACTSES is a volunteer service, members are not paid. Once damage is attended to and made safe by our volunteers it is your responsibility to seek an appropriate tradesperson to conduct permanent repairs.

How can I contact the SES?

Dial 132 500 for help in floods and storms. In a life-threatening emergency dial Triple-Zero (000)

General enquiries and requests for attendance at community events can be made online.

Email: SES@act.gov.au, submit the Request for attendance at event form, call 132281 or visit our Contact Us page for more information.