Clinical Advisory Committee

The ACT Ambulance Service Clinical Advisory Committee has been established to provide authoritative expert advice and recommendations to the Chief Officer of the ACTAS.

Clinical Advisory Committee

This committee addresses all clinical matters relevant to the functions outlined in the Emergencies Act 2004 and seeks to maintain the quality of pre-hospital and routine ambulance care to the community.

Clinical Advisory Committee Terms of Reference

  • Review and advise the Chief Officer on Clinical Management Guidelines and procedures for ACTAS members.
  • Monitor ACTAS clinical education and re-certification processes to ensure they reflect current best practice and are effective for maintaining standards.
  • Recommend policy on clinical matters to the Chief Officer, including such matters as infection control, clinical records, clinical practice and education.
  • Review and advise on effective patient safely and clinical quality management processes including the review of specific cases referred to CAC as part of the Clinical Review Process.
  • When requested by the Chief Officer, review and recommend clinical equipment, in conjunction with the ACTAS - Vehicle and Equipment Committee.
  • Make recommendations on priorities for clinical research to the Chief Officer. Advise the Chief Officer on public education programs to promote community awareness about pre-hospital medical emergencies.
  • Foster effective communication between ACTAS and other health and allied health professionals.
  • Develop an annual work plan for the Chief Officer's approval.


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