CFU New Member Application Process

CFU New Member Application Process

The next step to joining the CFU is completing the Introduction to the ACTF&R CFU Program. This is an informative and educational program on CFU's roles and responsibilities.

You can still complete the online Introduction to the ACTF&R CFU Program if are not applying to join. Just select the "Do not proceed with CFU Membership" at the conclusion.

At the conclusion of the CFU introduction, you will be asked if you wish to "Proceed to CFU Membership". If you select this option, an application form will become available for you to complete and submit.

Your application will then be assessed by the ACTF&R CFU Co-ordination team. If you meet the joining requirements, you will be e-mailed your access code to the CFU E-Learning induction training program.

If you are under 18 years of age you will also be sent a parental consent form that must be completed and returned before the eLearning access will be given.

Remember you must live in a CFU Training and Recruitment Area before you will be sent E-Learning access.

CFU Member in uniform

What Happens Next

Complete the CFU E-Learning induction training program modules.

The CFU Co-ordination team will be notified of your completion and invite you on the next available practical training days. These will be conducted at the Emergency Services Agency training facility, 89 David Warren Rd Hume ACT.

Complete the practical training.

On successful completion of all elements of the induction training, new members will be mailed their Certificate of Appointment and CFU identification card.

Instructions will also be sent on how you will be issued with your CFU Personal Protective Clothing (PPC).

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