Fire Safety

Fire Safety

False alarm fees/waivers

Document Type Size
Automatic Fire Alarms - Fees and Charges .PDF 309 KB
Request for non payment of false alarm fee .PDF 165 KB
Unwanted False Alarms - Guide for building owners and managers .PDF 767 KB
AFA-False Alarm Charge Waiver Application Form .DOCX 174 KB

Fire Safety Guidelines

The AFAC doctrine where listed below has been adopted by ACTF&R as Fire Safety Guidelines.

Document Type Size
FSG - 01 Open Air Fires .PDF 686 KB
FSG - 03 Fire Safety Principles for Massive Timber Building Systems .PDF 373 KB
FSG - 04 Access to FDCIE .PDF 1104 KB
FSG - 05 Maintenance of fire protection systems and equipment .PDF 1116 KB
FSG - 06  Fire Precautions During Construction .PDF 1147 KB
FSG - 09 Fire Safety Building Inspections .PDF 1078 KB
FSG - 11 Fire Safety Requirement for Automated Vehicle Parking Systems .PDF 2 MB
FSG - 12 Childcare facilities located above ground floor .PDF 119 KB
FSG - 13 Fire Severity Calculations .PDF 701 KB
FSG - 14 Fire Safety for Impulse (Jet) Fans in Car Parks .PDF 546 KB
FSG - 15 Third Party Certification - Sprinklers .PDF 1110 KB
FSG - 22 Electric Vehicles (EV) and EV Charging Equipment in the Built Environment .PDF 300 KB
FSG - 23 AFA False Alarm Charges - Fee Waivers .PDF 1567 KB
FSG - 24 Sprinklers in Laundries .PDF 964 KB

Fire Safety Systems

Fire Safety Systems A guide to maintaining fire appliances and equipment and penalties under the ACT Emergencies Act 2004, for interfering with fire safety systems.

Fire Safety Factsheets

Document Type Size
Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) Factsheet .PDF 1.35 MB

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