Emergency Alert (0444 444 444)

Australia’s Emergency Alert system allows messages to be sent from emergency services to all phones in a specific area.

Emergency Alert (0444 444 444)

In an actual or imminent emergency, you may receive a text message or phone call from 0444 444 444. Consider adding this number to your address book for future reference.

This is an Australian government number reserved for emergency information and all messages should be treated as genuine.

If in doubt, you can verify the information on the ACT Emergency Services Agency or ACT Policing websites.

In an emergency, do not wait for a warning. Leaving early is the safest option.

What is Emergency Alert used for?

Emergency Alert may be used by the ACT Emergency Services Agency for a wide range of incidents including:

  • Bushfires
  • Floods
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Significant Storms

Police can use this alert system for emergencies including high-risk missing persons, terrorist incidents, active shooter incidents, or Amber Alerts.

Find out more about information published by the ACT Emergency Services Agency on the Warnings & Alerts page.

How does Emergency Alert work?

When emergency services issue an alert, an operator defines a geographic region where the information is relevant.

Someone looking at a map on a computer screen

There are three reasons why you might receive the alert:

  • If your mobile phone is currently in the geographic area, or you have recently passed through the area.
  • If your billing address is within the defined geographic area.
  • If you have a fixed-line service in the geographic area.

No data about a devices specific location is transmitted to emergency services via the Emergency Alert platform.

Knowing if the alert applies to you.

If you’ve recently passed through or are close-by the target area, you may also receive the message, even if you are not within the targeted geographic region.

The alert will contain additional information to help you determine if the alert is relevant to you.

Where to go for more information

Emergency Alert is a national messaging system maintained by the Australian Government. Learn more at https://www.emergencyalert.gov.au/home

When an Emergency Alert is issued, you can find additional information on the ACT Emergency Services Agency website and other channels.

Advice and Feedback

To ask a question, report an incident, make a complaint or provide feedback regarding Emergency Alert, please fill out the form on the Access Canberra website.