A new online fire safety education program

A new online fire safety education program tailored to primary school aged children has gone live on the ESA Website.

This innovative program includes fire safety videos which are available on the ESA website and YouTube channel, as well as a number of interactive worksheets and activities.

As COVID-19 has prevented firefighters from attending classrooms to deliver the program, the suite of information online helps to continue fire safety education despite the current environment.

Senior firefighter Phil Henderson, who played an important role in the production and planning of the program (including the crucial role of playing Sparkie) said he is very happy to see the program launched and is excited to see the benefits it will have on the community.

"Having worked hard on this for a number of months, it is very exciting to see the program launched and ready to be delivered to kids."

"The important messages being taught to kids, such as smoke alarm awareness, exiting your home safely and who to call in an emergency, are messages that will stick with them throughout their lives which is why this program is so important."

View all resources here: https://esa.act.gov.au/fire-ed-program​ ​