Mother and daughter excited to serve as ACTRFS members together

Charlotte Adams was relatively new to Canberra when she first joined the ACT Rural Fire Service (ACTRFS) in early 2009 to meet people and learn new skills. Since joining, Charlotte admitted she never expected to make so many wonderful life-long friends, help so many communities and see some of the most beautiful parts of Australia and Canada. She also inspired her daughter, Celeste, to follow in her footsteps along the way.

Celeste developed an interest in her mum’s local brigade from a young age.

“She has helped out with our fundraising since she was about 10-years-old and has always shown a keen interest in my experiences on deployments and callouts,” explained Charlotte.

“I think she was about 14 when she started to ask about joining as a cadet. I felt proud that she had a connection with the brigade and its members and that she was keen to join as soon as she could.”

Celeste is one of ACTRFS’ most recent graduates after completing her Bush Firefighter Course last month. 

Celeste says she decided to join the ACTRFS because of her mum, but also because it’s like one big family that she grew up around.

“I have always looked up to the people in Molonglo Brigade and they’ve helped me to get to where I am today.” Celeste added.

As a mother, Charlotte wants to make sure her daughter is kept out of any danger and if she could, she’d wrap her up in cotton wool. But she’s excited to see her make new friendships, learn new skills and experience some amazing adventures.

Her advice to her daughter is to appreciate and learn from the diversity in the groups of people she will be meeting, helping and working with to keep the community safe.