First responders lay down arms to rescue blood supplies

Canberra’s emergency services are launching a lifesaving campaign to combat an expected shortfall in blood donors this winter.

Blood stocks face a triple threat as influenza surges amidst ongoing colds and COVID-19, leaving Lifeblood’s supplies at just two days.

Leaders from ACT Policing, ACT Ambulance Service, ACT Fire & Rescue, ACT Rural Fire Service and ACT State Emergency Service, will donate blood today to launch a drive to keep fridges well stocked this June.

Coupled with 1 in 2 donors cancelling their appointments, Lifeblood faces a seasonal challenge.

Lifeblood spokesperson Sally Gavin said with cold and flu appointment cancellations the highest they have been in three years, new blood donors were needed to join emergency services in saving lives.

“The Emergency Service Blood Challenge is critical to helping the one in three Australians who will need donated blood this winter,”

“With the cold and flu season already ramping up, we need to bolster our donor ranks now,”

“People who donate blood are also critical to saving the lives of those in our community, and l urge people to follow the lead of our wonderful emergency services workers.”

The Emergency Services Blood Challenge will see police, paramedics, firefighters and emergency response workers from around Canberra battle it out to see who can give the most blood – with a target of 560 donations and 1500 lives saved.

Make an appointment to donate this winter by calling 13 14 95 or visiting