Community Protection Medal Awarded for outstanding service to protecting the community

Six members from the ACT Emergency Services Agency and ACT Policing have been recognised for their outstanding contribution to protecting and serving the Canberra community with the 2021 ACT Community Protection Medal. The awards were presented in a ceremony today.

The Community Protection Medal was established in 2002 to reward police and emergency service members who have given continual, distinguished or outstanding service to protecting the community through their involvement in ACT Policing or ACT Emergency Services Agency.

Well done to the deserving recipients:

Erik Sandin (ACTESA) – in recognition of dedication, commitment and excellence in developing and enhancing ESA’s spatial service capabilities and outstanding personal commitment to the professional development of volunteers.  

Col O’Rourke (ACTF&R) – in recognition of outstanding professional service within ACT Fire and Rescue and for leading the development and delivery of online fire safety educational programs for the community.  

Anthony Cross (ACTRFS) – In recognition of extraordinary commitment to the ACT Rural Fire Service Southern Districts Brigade, including leading the care and maintenance of resources and equipment to ensure crews are well equipped and ready to respond to fire emergencies. 

Nicholas Rand (ACTSES) – In recognition of dedication, commitment and excellence in developing systems to enhance logistic functions within the ESA, and your outstanding personal dedication to ensuring SES units are ready and operational to support the ACT community.  

Neil Glasgow (ACTAS) – In recognition of outstanding professional service, excellence, dedication and leadership in the development of medical support capabilities to support future firefighting operations.  

Leading Senior Constable Nadia Mulino (ACTP) – in recognition of outstanding leadership and advocacy for an inclusive, flexible, and diverse workforce culture within ACT Policing.