Best friends pair up for last shift with the ACT Ambulance Service

Last shifts are always special for members of the ACT Ambulance Service, but for Gav, a 22-year veteran paramedic, his final day was particularly significant. 
He got to work it with his best friend, and fellow paramedic, Jill. 
Gav and Jill met 16 years ago at the previous ACT Emergency Services Agency headquarters in Curtin, on the day they were both applying to join the Ambulance Service. 
“We met outside the building, before Gav went in to do the interview and exam,” remembers Jill. 
“I got a little worried at how many pages of notes Gav seemed to be writing for his exam, and he saw my notes and started worrying he was writing too much, but, in the end, we were both accepted.” 
The friendship struck on that day would prove to be enduring, and Jill, who originally worked as a paramedic in the Northern Territory, says she will forever be grateful for the support she was given by Gav and his wife during her early years in the nation’s capital. 
“They really took me under their wing,” says Jill. 
“Gav and his wife went out of their way to introduce me to people, and show me around Canberra. 
“Gav and I are both quite sporty, so every Sunday we would go for a bike ride together, then study all afternoon – it was like a religion!” 
Over the years Gav and Jill would continue to catch up frequently outside of work hours, but they would only rarely talk shop. 
 “We have so much in common and our personalities have always gelled,” says Jill. 
“The only times we talked about work was after one of us had dealt with a particularly difficult job and needed to talk it out.” 
Gav’s sporty side is what would eventually lead him to leaving the ambulance service, as his running coaching side-business grew into a full-time job. 
Jill, who was one of his first clients, says the positive signs were there early, with Gav being a multiple winner of the ESA’s Darren Wall Memorial fun run. 
“He managed to beat the firies on a few different occasions,” laughs Jill. 
“Gav is very proud to have his name on that trophy, which sits outside the Commissioner’s office.” 
Despite for all the time they have spent together, and their long-lasting friendship, during their time at ACTAS Gav and Jill were only paired to work together once, during a night shift. 
However, once Gav had finalised his leaving date, he requested that Jill and he could partner up for his final day in an ACT ambulance. 
Jill was only too happy to agree. 
“It was a really special shift,” says Jill. 
“In between attending jobs, we also found time for a coffee down by the lake, and some quick visits to Canberra’s monuments. 
“We also talked through our careers, and everything we have achieved, I’ll never forget it.” 
As the shift approached its end, Gav and Jill were tasked to one last emergency call, where a patient was suffering from a cardiac event. 
Working together, these two old friends managed to save the patient’s life, and deliver them safely to hospital. 
“All of the training we’ve done, and all the time we’ve spent together,” reflects Jill emotionally, “it was like everything about our friendship amalgamated on that final job. 
“On the way home, I asked permission for Gav to do a last call over the radio, to officially sign off. 
“He’s just such a beautiful human being – I’m really proud of him, but Gav leaving is a big loss for the service.” 
Thank you Gav and Jill for everything you’ve done for Canberra’s community.