Be Prepared for the ACT Bushfire Season

The 2019-20 ACT Bushfire season has officially started.

It's time to work as one team and prepare the community for the season ahead.

Bushfire seasons are expected to be longer and more dangerous on average as the effects of climate change are felt across the country.

The ACT has just experienced the driest winter since 1982... the risk is real.

Emergency Services Agency is urging all residents to know the signs, know where to find information and know the plan.

You can complete your own Bushfire Survival Plan in four easy steps:

1. Discuss with your family on what you will do if a bushfire threatens your home. Will you leave early or are you preparing to stay?

2. Prepare your home and get it ready for bushfire season. You can do things such as trim overhanging trees and remove material from gutters

3. Know the bushfire alert levels. These are displayed on all major arterial roads across the ACT. You can also visit the ACTESA website to keep track of alert levels, so you know how to respond.

4. Keep key information on hand. This includes:
- Stay up to date via the ESA website, and
- For information during a bushfire call Access Canberra: 13 22 81
- For Fire Danger Ratings visit the ACT Emergency Services website
- Install the NSW Rural Fire Service 'Fires Near Me' app onto your smartphone
- Listen to local radio, TV and news websites
- In an emergency call Triple Zero (000)

Find out if you live in a Bushfire Prone Area: