ACT Firefighters Deployment to Canada

A contingent of ACT Firefighters have departed for Canada to support local firefighters during extremely challenging conditions early in the Northern Hemisphere fire season.

Canada is experiencing significant fire activity after above average temperatures and drier conditions. at the Canadian National fire preparedness level is five, the highest level. There are currently 225 active fires across the country, burning over 1.7 million hectares. 

Our Australian and NZ team is made up of experienced firefighting crews, incident management teams and various specialist roles including supervision and aviation management and will most likely be based in Alberta. The deployment length is 35 days, comprising two 14-day shifts and rest periods in between.

During the 2019-2020 fire season, ACT firefighters experienced some of the most extreme fire conditions ever experienced in Australian history. Lessons learnt from 2019-20 will put deploying firefighters in good stead for what they could experience whilst in Canada.

Australia has already sent one deployment to assist Canada, three ACT firefighters departed for Canada on 25 May and are already on the ground assisting local crews.

Canadian Fire Agencies last week requested additional resources from Australia due to the severity and number of current fires.  A second deployment of Australian firefighters has been identified and ACT will deploy an additional 20 firefighters to assist their fatigued International colleagues. 10 ACT Rural Fire Service (ACTRFS) and 10 ACT Parkes and Conservation Service (PCS) members will be part of a 100+ person contingent of Australian and New Zealand firefighters to be assisting field-based crews:

We would like to thank them for their contribution to the current firefighting efforts, wishing them the best of luck in Canada and for a safe return home.