Bushfire season extended - longest season since 2003

ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) Commissioner Dom Lane has extended the 2018/19 bushfire season, resulting in the longest declared bushfire season since 2003. Traditionally, the bushfire season commences on 1 October and runs through until 31 March, unless conditions warrant a variation. This year the bushfire season started a month early on 1 September 2018 and will now finish a month later on 30 April 2019. Over the 2018/19 bushfire season, the ACT has received rain, although not of a duration to make a long-lasting impact on current soil dryness. As we progress through March we are still experiencing days of elevated fire danger (into the Very High rating) in the ACT and parts of NSW. Information about required permits, Fire Danger Rating levels, and bushfire warnings can be found on the ESA website.