North Ainslie Primary School students commended

[media-alert type="image" id=29492][media-alert type="image" id=29493]ACT Fire & Rescue today attended North Ainslie Primary School to award two students certificates of appreciation for courageously reporting a fire they saw while walking home from school two weeks ago. After seeing the fire 11-year-old Oliver and his 8-year-old brother Jack ran home and told their Mum, who immediately called Triple Zero (000). Firefighters today commended Oliver and Jack's quick thinking and fire safety skills. Station Officer Gresham said it was because of the boy's quick thinking that ACT Fire & Rescue were able to quickly extinguish the fire before it got out of control. "Recognising an emergency and knowing how to call Triple Zero (000) is such an important lesson to teach children. It's a lesson that can never begin too early," said ACT Fire & Rescue Chief Officer Mark Brown.