ACT firefighters return from United States firefighting operations

[media-alert type="image" id=29455][media-alert type="image" id=29456][media-alert type="image" id=29457][media-alert type="image" id=29458][media-alert type="image" id=29459]Ten highly skilled ACT fire specialists have arrived back home after completing their deployment to the United States where wildfires have burnt over 730,573 hectares across 14 states. The contingent of three ACT Rural Fire Service, three ACT Fire & Rescue and four ACT Parks and Conservation firefighters, were deployed to Boise, Idaho, Redding California and Redmond, Oregon after the National Resource Sharing Centre received a request for assistance from the National Interagency Firefighting Centre. Members of the ACT Emergency Services Agency today joined family and friends to welcome home the fireifghters at the Canberra International Airport.