Stay safe in hot conditions

As the ACT nears the hottest period on a Total Fire Ban day, Canberrans are reminded to keep safe and avoid spending time outdoors.

It is important to stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activity, and if you must be in the sun protect yourself with sunscreen, loose clothing and a hat. Please also pay special attention to the elderly and young children.

If you are suffering from heat stress do not hesitate to call Emergency Triple Zero (000).

Heat wave conditions continue to place pressure on the ACT and NSW electricity grid. Canberrans are encouraged to be vigilant and minimise electricity use as much as possible, especially throughout this afternoon.

This will help reduce the risk of blackouts which can create real challenges, particularly for vulnerable people in the community.

Tips to reduce electricity include:
o Turn off lights
o Restrict use of air-conditioning (turn off or set temperature to 26 degrees or higher)
o Minimise use of electric cooking equipment
o Consolidate refrigeration and turn of unnecessary fridges
o Avoid use of dishwashers, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners and second TV
o Turn off domestic pool pumping and heating operation for the day
o Avoid use of TVs or computers for game purposes.