Canberrans encouraged to reduce electricity use today

The ACT has been advised due to the potential for record high electricity demand across NSW because of the extreme heat conditions there may be minor supply shortfalls across the network.

Before heading to work, Canberrans are encouraged to turn off what they sensibly can.

It is important people still take appropriate precautions for their own safety and comfort, however, limit non-essential electricity use, especially during the peak expected use period this afternoon.

Tips for the public to reduce electricity include:

  • turn off unnecessary residential lighting

  • restrict use of air conditioning (set temperature to 26 C or higher)

  • minimise use of cooking equipment

  • consolidate refrigeration and turn off unnecessary fridges

  • avoid use of dishwashers, clothes dryers, vacuum cleaners & second TV

  • turn off domestic pool pumping and heating operation for the day

  • avoid use of TVs or computers for game purposes.

Tips for businesses to reduce electricity include:

  • limit the use of air conditioners to occupied spaces only and set the thermostat to no less than 26 C

  • turn off unnecessary interior lighting, particularly in unoccupied spaces

  • turn off advertising lighting and any unnecessary exterior lighting

  • turn off heating appliances for swimming pools or spas

  • turn off appliances usually left in standby mode - including TVs, DVDs, videos, stereos, computers, microwave ovens, battery chargers and portable power supplies

  • turn off computer hard drives and screens and only using 50 per cent or one of each type of other compliance, such as phones and faxes

  • turn off water heating systems and urns during the hours of 6 am - 11 pm, except for food and beverage preparation and cleaning.