Fire near ACT / NSW border at Sutton

The NSW Rural Fire Service is currently working to extinguish a fast moving bush and grass fire at Sutton.

Multiple units from ACT Fire & Rescue and ACT Rural Fire Service are on scene assisting with firefighting operations including water bombing aircraft.

There is no threat to the ACT from the fire at this time. The ESA will continue to work with NSWRFS and monitor the situation closely.

The fire is generating a large amount of smoke which is covering northern parts of the ACT.

Some reports on social media indicate there are fire burning in Gungahlin suburbs. This is not the case.

The ESA advises the community to go to the NSWRFS website for updates on the fire at Sutton.

If there is any threat to the ACT from this fire or any other fire that may start appropriate alerts and or warnings will be issued immediately.