Clean-up continues after Friday's storm.

The ACT State Emergency Service, with the help of ACT Fire & Rescue, The ACT Ambulance Service, The ACT Rural Fire Service, The National Capital Authority, Access Canberra, ActewAGL and Transport Canberra & City Services, has completed work on all jobs following 950 requests for assistance related to Friday's storm activity.

The focus of emergency services this weekend was to clear roads and paths, remove trees from houses, restore power and make areas safe. This has resulted in a large number of trees and branches still on the side of roads and paths.

It is important to remember, as the clean-up continues, that trees which have fallen on private property are the responsibility of the resident to clean-up.

Trees that have fallen on public land (nature strips etc.) are the responsibility of Transport Canberra & City Services (TCCS) to clean-up and this process may take weeks to complete, given the volume of work involved. The ACTSES continues to receive calls for assistance and has already taken 15 today (Monday).

If there is a safety issue with a tree please contact 132 500. Emergency services do not remove debris but will attend to any safety concerns. If it is only an aesthetic issue, please be patient and TCCS crews will clear the debris on public land as soon as possible.