Update 11 - Fire at Pialligo

A southeasterly wind is pushing smoke from the fire across parts of Canberra's north this morning.

It is expected that the wind will return to a northwesterly in a couple of hours affecting parts of Queanbeyan.

Smoke across northern suburbs in the ACT should then clear.

All residents are urged to be mindful of smoke haze and take precaution.

The health effects from breathing fire smoke vary between people, ranging from irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract to serious aggravation of existing lung conditions such as asthma and emphysema.

The Health Directorate advises that people with asthma, other chronic respiratory and/or chronic cardiac diseases should not perform vigorous exercise and should stay inside if affected by the smoke. People with asthma in particular should continue their medication and consult their general practitioner if they have breathing difficulties.