Firefighters rescue teens lost in the bush

A group of teenagers have avoided an unplanned night out in the forest thanks to the help of smart thinking firefighters.

ACT Fire & Rescue received a call from the group around 7 o'clock to say they were lost somewhere out in the rural area of the Territory but had no idea where.

After initial attempts to find them, using GPS coordinates on their phone failed, firefighter Kaye Bradtke in the ESA Communications Centre (Comcen) got the caller to download the Emergency + app.

Using the app, which provides accurate location information in an emergency, firefighter Bradtke was able to pinpoint the group to Murrays Corner in the Pierces Creek Forest.

Specialist ACT Fire & Rescue vertical rescue crews were quickly dispatched to the scene after originally heading to the initial unconfirmed location.

The crews are now being carefully guided to the location by colleagues in Comcen because of the rugged terrain and darkness.

Update to follow.