Information about today's TOTAL FIRE BAN

A Total Fire Ban is in place, and the public should remain extremely vigilant. All non-essential activities that require use of an open flame must be postponed until after the Total Fire Ban has finished at 11:59pm tonight, Sunday 20 December 2015.

This includes driving or parking vehicles through long opened grassed areas, using angle grinders in open areas, undertaking mowing or slashing and visiting remote wilderness or forested areas of the ACT.

Gas or electric cooking appliances can used on your own premises if it is under constant adult supervision, if the ground within three metres of the appliance is cleared of all materials which could burn and there is a continuous supply of water to extinguish a fire. However, no wood, charcoal, or spirit burning appliances can be used.

During a Total Fire Ban the following fires are permitted:
oFires used inside a factory, as defined under the Emergencies Regulations 2004;
oFire that is maintained for a ceremonial or commemorative purpose providing that, the fire; is less than 1 meter square in volume, is under the constant supervision of a responsible adult, the area around the fire is clear for three metres and approval has been granted by the ESA; and
oFires necessary for the maintenance or repair of essential services by authorised entities including light, power, water, sewerage, transport or communications, providing prior notice has been provided to the ESA.

If you see an unattended fire call Emergency Triple Zero (000).