Update - Gas cylinder fire at Farrer

The gas bottle was located in between a car and the garage of the property when it caught alight.

The BBQ and front of the vehicle has sustained significant damage while quick action from fire crews prevented the blaze from spreading any further.

The garage sustained minor damage with the main impact on downpipes.

No one was injured.

While the cause is unknown, ACT Fire & Rescue reminds the community to make sure they check their gas bottles and BBQ's before firing them up for the summer ahead.

"You should check all gas and electric connections for cracks, splits and wear," ACT Fire & Rescue Commander Mark Phillips said.

"You can check for leaks by spraying soapy water on the connections. A bubble will form if there is a leak," he said.

"It's also important that you don't use a barbecue inside a garage or other enclosed areas due to the potential build up of harmful smoke and fumes."