Update seven - Acton tunnel damage

WorkSafe ACT has confirmed there are no asbestos fibres in the air following air monitoring at the Acton tunnel area.

The testing was conducted following an incident in the tunnel this morning involving a truck and heavy machinery.

The incident resulted in a number of ceiling panels in the tunnel being knocked down by an excavator. The panels are made of bonded asbestos containing material.

As a result of the incident, the sprinkler system in the tunnel was activated, effectively saturating the damaged ceiling panels and eliminating any risk from asbestos fibres in the atmosphere.

The remaining asbestos risk is in the cleaning up exercise which is currently occurring under the supervision of a licensed asbestos assessor and removalist.

This risk is being managed by the licensed professionals on site. The asbestos assessor has indicated that there is negligible risk to anyone outside of the work area in the tunnel.

The ACT Government's main priority is the safety of all Canberrans while the tunnel is being cleared.