Update ten - Builder's waste fire at Canberra Concrete Recyclers

ACT Fire & Rescue have maintained a presence at the site again overnight.

Two specialised CAFS takers and one fire pumper worked with heavy machinery supplied by the recycling business has continued to work on reducing the size of the pile and and extinguishing fire hot spots as firefighters work to reach the bottom of the rubbish.

The burning rubbish pile is now approximately 30 metres x 30 metres in diameter and three metres high.

ACT Fire & Rescue are unable to say at this time when the fire will be fully extinguished.

The ESA will continue to provide updates until the fire is completely out.

Smoke will continue to be visible. The Health Directorate advises that people with asthma, other chronic respiratory and/or chronic cardiac diseases should not perform vigorous exercise and should stay inside if affected by the smoke. People with asthma in particular should continue their medication and consult their general practitioner