Updated traffic flow arrangements in South Tuggeranong

Temporary Traffic Control Map V3 [PDF 1 MB]

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) says some minor changes will be adopted to traffic flow arrangements this afternoon in South Tuggeranong following the latest meeting of relevant ACT Government officials and contractors today.

Feedback from the community and on-site traffic marshals strongly indicated new measures implemented this morning worked extremely well.

The temporary conversion of a section of Woodcock Drive at Gordon to northbound traffic only in both lanes finished at 9 o’clock this morning as a result of the improved conditions.

For the evening peak traffic this afternoon, additional traffic controllers will be placed on the Johnson Drive / Drakeford Drive roundabout to improve traffic flow into Gordon, Banks and Condor.

The off peak traffic diversion arrangements will be in place over the weekend. However in light of the less busy flow, traffic marshals will be located at the roundabout next to Lanyon Marketplace shops from 9am till 1pm tomorrow.

Arrangements in place this morning and tonight will then recommence on Monday.