South Tuggeranong traffic flow arrangements update

Temporary Traffic Control Map Version 2 [PDF 1 MB]

The ESA has announced further enhancements to traffic flow arrangements in South Tuggeranong following implementation of new measures in the last 24 hours.

This follows a meeting of officials from the ESA, TAMS, ACT Policing and the building contractors at lunchtime today.

For the peak period this afternoon the operation of the temporary traffic lights right near the Drakeford Drive Johnson Drive intersection will be adjusted to improve southerly traffic flow.

For tomorrow morning Woodcock Drive, from Jim Pike Avenue to Clare Dennis Avenue, will be converted to two lanes (one way) for northbound traffic from 6:00am until when the peak traffic passes. This will be determined by traffic experts on-site.

For the weekend, normal off peak temporary arrangements will remain in place before returning to back to weekday peak period arrangements on Monday morning.

The ACT Government would like to praise the patience and attitude of drivers in South Tuggeranong throughout the week.

ACT Policing has had officers in the area during peak traffic periods and advised that motorists have been very well behaved and followed the directions of traffic marshals, signals and signage.