Update 14 - Civic restaurant fire

The fire was completely extinguished earlier this morning.

A structural engineer then inspected the site and provided advice to WorkSafe ACT.

WorkSafe arranged for air monitoring over several hours from different points around the site last night (17 February 2014).

No asbestos fibres were detected in the surrounding atmosphere.

Worksafe will be working with relevant businesses and public authorities to ensure that any remediation of the site is done in a manner that ensures the safety of workers and the public is protected - especially in regard to asbestos.

ACT Fire & Rescue has formally handed over the scene to ACT Policing.

Fire investigators will now investigate the cause of the fire.

Businesses in the Sydney Building from Verity Lane to East Row remain closed and will be assessed by WorkSafe ACT on an individual basis.

East Row will remain closed until further notice to ensure public safety is maintained in the area until the site is cleared by WorkSafe ACT.

WorkSafe ACT has requested all affected business operators from the Sydney Building to contact them to discuss arrangements for getting back inside their premises or reopening.

The WorkSafe ACT number is 6207 3000.