Be bushfire vigilant

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) is urging Canberrans to be vigilant over the next few days to ensure no fires are unintentionally ignited while a TOTAL FIRE BAN is in place.

These are the worst fire danger conditions we have experienced in Canberra since January 18 last year.

If a fire starts at the moment it will be hard for firefighters to control.

There have only been two small fires in the ACT so far today which were both quickly extinguished.

The ESA strongly urges all Canberra households to make sure you have a Bushfire Survival Plan.

The Bushfire Survival Plan is free and can be downloaded from

If you don't already have a plan, make the time as soon as possible to sit down and decide what you and your family or housemates would do if a fire starts in your area.

Then identify one person and encourage them to follow your lead. If you don't have a plan when a fire starts in your area, it's too late, and you'll be placing your loved ones and yourself in danger and at serious risk.