Update - ADVICE - Bushfire in Namadgi National Park

The ACT Rural Fire Service is working to extinguish a bush fire burning at Orroral Hill in the Namadgi National Park.

The Bushfire Alert and Warning Level for this fire has been set at ADVICE.

The ACT Rural Fire Service has two Remote Area Fire Teams (RAFT) and one water bombing helicopter on scene.

The fire is located in the Namadgi National Park .

The fire is approximately 30 metres x 10 metres in size and is under control with the active edge of the fire extinguished by water bombing helicopters yesterday evening.

The fire is burning at a slow rate and is heading in a westerly direction.

The Fire Danger Rating where this fire is burning is LOW-MODERATE.

Fires burning in LOW-MODERATE conditions can be easily controlled.

There is little to no risk to life and property in the urban or rural areas of the ACT.