Update three - ACTSES responds to storm damage

The Bureau of Meteorology has cancelled the severe weather warning for the ACT.

The ACT Government has cancelled the fireworks display scheduled tonight in the city as a safety precaution because of the storm and flooding.

TAMS advise that the Oaks Estate low level crossing is now closed because of flash flooding. A number of roads across the ACT have also sustained short term localised flooding.

The ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) is urging the community to avoid increased danger from the localised flooding.

During and after storms we often see images in the media and online of children and sometimes adults playing in floodwater and storm water.

Floodwater can be deeper and flow faster than it looks on the surface. It can also cover drains and erode surfaces that you cannot see.

Sometimes water can suddenly move through hidden drains and pipes. There can also be snags and other things in floodwater which can trap you underwater.

Floodwater is a disgusting environment and can contain waste, poisons, dead animals, garbage and sewage.

Swimming, riding boogie boards, riding through and jumping into floodwater is STUPID. It is extremely dangerous and potentially deadly.

Parents are urged to know where their children are during storm and flood events and keep them away from all outdoor water sources.