Prepare now for elevated fire danger in the ACT

The ACT Emergency Services Agency is again urging the Canberra community to ensure they€’re prepared for elevated fire danger weather in the Territory over the next few days.

The Bureau of Meteorology has predicted a very hot day tomorrow and a top temperature of 37 degrees.

The ESA has declared a TOTAL FIRE BAN in the ACT from midnight until 23:59 tomorrow night with a forecast SEVERE fire danger rating.

During a TOTAL FIRE BAN residents should take extra care to avoid activities, which may spark a fire such as using a lawnmower, welding equipment and power tools.

There are no fires currently burning in the ACT at this time but the ACT Rural Fire Service and ACT Fire & Rescue are on full alert with additional resources rostered on duty ready to respond to any fires that may start.

The ESA is also keeping fully updated on a number of fires burning at locations in the surrounding region of NSW including near Yass, Bungendore and Cooma. Planning is also being undertaken to be ready should any of the nearby interstate fires suddenly worsen and move closer towards the ACT.

Every household should make sure they have completed their own Bushfire Survival Plan [.PDF 2.3 MB]

The ESA advises you to make sure you know where you will get more information if a fire starts during the TOTAL FIRE BAN tomorrow.

You can do this through local ACT media outlets, the ESA website, the ESA Twitter and Facebook accounts or by calling Canberra Connect on 13 22 81