Update FIVE - ADVICE - Forest fire in Namadgi National Park - Mount Ginini

The ACT Rural Fire Service is working to extinguish a forest fire burning in the western region of the Namadgi National Park.

The Bushfire Alert and Warning Level for this fire has been set at ADVICE.

The ACT Rural Fire Service has six units, 35 personnel, two bulldozers and two water bomber helicopters on scene. These crews will be shortly stood down at 7pm with fresh crews to replace them to maintain the containment efforts overnight.

ACT Fire & Rescue are also assisting in operations at the Glendale depot with a fire pumper and a logistics support vehicle. Crews have been providing firefighting coverage whilst water bombing helicopters refuel to help ensure safety.

The ACT State Emergency Service has also been assisting with logistics support to the firefighting efforts.

The fire is located near Mount Ginini and not threatening any property.

The fire is approximately 26 hectares in size and is being controlled.

The fire is burning at a slow rate.

At the current fire danger level of low-moderate fires can be easily controlled.

There is little to no risk to life and property from this fire.