Spatial Information Services

The Spatial Information Services section undertakes the following functions.

  • Review data and information management governance arrangements within and across all operational services within ESA.
  • Improve capabilities forĀ  mapping across the ESA.
  • Provide training to staff in the management and use of spatial systems.
  • Undertake field mapping where required for the upkeep of key data for which ESA is custodian.
  • Major event planning products and support for pre-incident planning for bushfire and flood.
  • 24/7 field and incident management team mapping capability.
  • Bulk and large format map production for emergency management.
  • Spatial support to external agency operations where requested.
  • Mapping to support incident coordination roles including evacuation, public and information.
  • Develop interoperability frameworks to enable near real-time/real-time operational data and information via a common operating picture.
  • Helping surrounding NSW agencies with GIS service provision including MAPS Volunteer members to incident management teams Australia wide.