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ACTF&R deployment to Victoria

ACTF&R has deployed 10 personal to assist the Country Fire Authority at a major fire in a rubbish tip in Somerton, north of Melbourne.

The resources deployed include one heavy CAFS unit and two light CAFS units with one Commander, two Station Officers, six firefighters and one fleet mechanic.

Fire conditions in the ACT are forecast to be mild until at least mid-week and this deployment will not impact on the level of fire protection to Canberra and its surrounding regions.

The ESA contingent departed Saturday evening, driving to Seymour where it will be accommodated overnight. The ACTF&R deployment will commence operations on the fireground on Sunday morning.

It is expected the crew will be deployed in Victoria until Wednesday, 25 November.

ESA Commissioner urges caution tomorrow

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) has called on the Canberra community to take extra care tomorrow with elevated fire danger and wind damage conditions on the horizon.

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast a top temperature of 36 degrees in the ACT tomorrow and strong winds gusting at high speeds during the day.

“The fire danger rating is forecast to be very high for the day, ” ESA Commissioner Dominic Lane said.

“While conditions don’t warrant the declaration of a total fire ban in the Territory due to the recent wet weather, the forecast still points to the need for the community to take extra care and be vigilant,” he said.

“A fire can still start and trees could come down in these type of conditions so I urge people to be aware of their surroundings.

“Make sure you know where you will get information from if a fire starts and monitor the situation for any changes. You can do this through local ACT media outlets, the ESA website ,the ESA Twitter and Facebook accounts or by calling Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

Commissioner encourages women to consider a firefighting career

ACTF&R recruitment launch 2015The ACT Emergency Services Agency will conduct the next ACT Fire & Rescue recruitment process early in the New Year.

ESA Commissioner Dominic Lane said applications will be taken from 1 February 2016.

ACT Fire & Rescue is specifically targeting women to join their service as part of the ACT Emergency Services Agency’s Women in Emergency Services Strategy, which aims to provide a pathway for our emergency services to better reflect the community we serve by increasing gender diversity.

“The Minister for Police and Emergency Services Joy Burch today announced that we will aim to fill half of the places with female firefighters,” Commissioner Lane said.

“We are hoping to fill half of the 16 positions that will make up the next recruit college with women,” he said.

“Obviously that will be dependent on at at least eight female candidates meeting the standards set for all applicants.”

“I encourage anyone interested in applying to go to the ESA website to learn all about what is involved in being a candidate for the ACT Fire & Rescue recruit college in 2016.”

“This includes information about a series of come and try days being held between now and Christmas.”

Structural fire in Braddon

A structural fire in the Northbourne flats in Braddon has caused severe damage to a second storey unit.

Nine appliances, including four pumpers and the HAZMAT crew, are on the scene. The fire has now been extinguished but ACTF&R remain ventilating the floors above as they were heavily smoke affected.

Henty Street in Braddon has been temporarily closed. The flat was unoccupied and it appears that no-one has been injured.

Cooking fire in Narrabundah

A man has sustained minor burns in a kitchen fire in Narrabundah.

The ACT Ambulance Service and ACT Fire & Rescue were alerted to a fire in Natambi Street at 2:42pm.

Fire crews arrived to find a small fire on the stove inside the property and quickly extinguished it.

The male occupant told them he was cooking when some oil caught alight. He initially went outside and rang Emergency Triple Zero (000) before going back inside to try and put the fire out.

Intensive care paramedics treated him for minor burns but he didn’t require transport to hospital.

Firefighters are ventilating smoke from the home before allowing the man back inside.