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Pialligo Ave fire

ESA is managing the fire at Canberra Concrete Recyclers from an environmental and smoke hazard perspective.

Fire crews will be on site for the rest of the day putting out the fire and will reassess the situation this afternoon.

The weather conditions today means the smoke is staying low and the strategy of fire crews is to produce as little smoke as possible.

Most of what is seen today will be steam in the air.

Residents concerned about their health should contact ACT Health for advice.

Update four – Builders waste fire at Canberra Concrete Recyclers

The fire has been contained with on site heavy equipment being used to reduce the amount of material on the fire.

Several ACT Fire & Rescue fire trucks including specialised compressed air foam tankers remain in scene.

At this stage it is expected the fire will continue to burn for several days with smoke still being produced and spread away from Pialligo depending on the weather conditions.

People in areas where the smoke is present who have breathing difficulties should remain indoors.

ACTSES finish second at NAVSHIELD competition

The ACT State Emergency Service (ACTSES) has finished second at the annual Navshield competition at Big Yengo National Park, NSW.

The Belconnen ACTSES Unit represented the ACT at the competition and finished second in their category and were the first placed SES team in the category. The team comprised of three members from the Belconnen SES Unit and one member from the nearby Bungendore NSW State Emergency Service Unit.

A similar activity to rogaining, participants from a range of groups including other emergency service agencies and bushwalking groups competed over the weekend and used their navigation skills to mark a list of checkpoints across a pre-set course through bushland.

Update three – Builders waste fire at Canberra Concrete Recyclers

The ACT State Emergency Service has provided lighting towers to assist firefighters tonight in continuing operations to extinguishing the fire.

CAFS tankers from ACT Fire & Rescue and the ACT Rural Fire Service continue to cover the pile with foam solution in the six metre high pile which is approximately 40 metres x 30 metres wide.

It is possible this fire could continue to burn for the next day or two.

Some fire crews will continue to stay at the Pialligo site through the night with other firefighters returning to the fire tomorrow.

Update two – Builders waste fire at Canberra Concrete Recyclers

Firefighters are continuing to extinguish the builders waste fire and operations are expected to continue through the day and into the evening.

As a result of the Pialligo fire, some smoke has impacted on parts of Canberra and surrounding districts.