Emergency management

The Emergency Management, Risk and Spatial Services Group provides for risk analysis, strategic and operational planning, and specialist mapping and technical support across the four operational services of the ESA.

The Group ensures the policy and planning framework of the Emergencies Act 2004 and ACT Emergency Plan are delivered within the ESA to assist the Commissioner in undertaking the functions of the position. The Chief Officers of the operational services have specific functions assigned which include operational and preparedness planning. The Group coordinates the delivery of hazard and agency specific sub plans where required.

The Group ensures there are arrangements to systematically review the emergency environment, as well as the means to evaluate risks and assess the adequacy of current strategies to ameliorate risk. This includes the continuous study of the risk environment to identify conditions or trends that may warrant a change in the strategic direction.

Specialist operational and technical support in risk analysis, spatial modelling, mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is provided to the ESA operational services. The maintenance of spatial data and information systems is critical to the on ground operations of the Agency. At all times, the Group is relied upon to have the regional spatial data sets accurate, current and suitable for use during emergency incidents, as well as ensuring appropriate mapping and analytical tools and products are available to support emergency operations.

The Emergency Management, Risk and Spatial Services Group provides a significant coordination role in major events. The Group will provide a forum for operational staff from across ACT and State and Commonwealth Governments, to collaboratively consider emergency management issues.

The Group ensures a consistent and coordinated ESA response for new and proposed urban developments, utilising planning guidelines and standards for such developments and the targeted audit of development plans.

The group consists of four areas:

  1. Spatial Services
  2. Emergency Coordination
  3. Emergency Planning
  4. Specialist Risk Analysis

An overview of the emergency arrangements in the ACT.