SBMP Front CoverThe ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) released the first ACT Strategic Bushfire Management Plan (SBMP) in January 2005 to provide a clear guide on the management of bushfire risk in the Territory.

The plan has now been reviewed by the ESA in consultation with the ACT Department of Territory and Municipal Services and other key government and community stakeholders.

Following widespread community consultation including a range of briefings, information sessions, meetings and a period of formal public feedback, SBMP Version Two will be released on 1 October 2009.

The final version was created after careful consideration of comments received as well as the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission Interim Findings handed down on 17 August 2009.


ACT SBMP Version Two

The Ember Zone

The Ember Zone’s for the urban area of the ACT are shown in yellow on maps below. To view the Ember Zone for your suburb click on the map covering your local area.

Fire Management Zoning maps for the whole ACT can be found by viewing the links below.

Regional Fire Management Plans

SBMP Map IndexRegional Fire Management Plans have been developed which detail the category and timing of actions required to meet standards for fire management zones. The Regional Fire Management Plans have been prepared based on 1:25,000 map sheets shown on the map.

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