Power points & power boards

“Keep it neat and it won’t overheat”

ACT Fire & Rescue is urging residents to consider what electrical fire hazards they may have in their home this winter.

The focus of this year’s annual Winter Home Fire Safety campaign focuses on power boards.

The message to the community is “Keep it neat and it won’t overheat”. Overloaded power points and power boards can overheat and cause a fire in your home.

Last year of the fires deemed to be caused by electrical equipment, over a third occurred in winter.

At May 31 this year, 21% of all fires attended by ACT Fire & Rescue have been the result of electrical equipment.

Face the facts

overloaded power boardsTo prevent this from happening:

For more tips on electrical safety, phone 132 281 or visit ActewAGL

Power points and power boards fact sheet [.PDF 366KB]