Electric blankets

Electric blankets are a potential source of a fire if not used and stored correctly.

Do not leave electric blankets turned on during the day as objects such as clothes, pets, bedding or other heavy objects can cause overheating and fires.

Electric blankets should be turned on half an hour before going to bed and then turned off when getting into bed.

 If you remove your electric blanket during the summer months, ensure that it is stored correctly, that is, the blanket should be rolled not folded. Alternatively leave the blanket on the bed, as it will remain flat

Face the facts

Follow these tips to reduce the risk of a fire in your home:

  • Inspect the electric blanket for discolouration caused by overheating or wear and tear before use (brown spots may indicate the blanket is overheating);
  • Do not pile clothes or heavy objects on the bed while the electric blanket is on;
  • Make sure the controls are not twisted or caught between the mattress and the bed base;
  • Never sleep with the electric blanket on;
  • Electric blankets are not recommended for use where bed wetting may occur;
  • Be especially diligent when children are using electric blankets;
  • Do not wrap the electric blanket around yourself.

Electric blankets fact sheet [.PDF 314KB]