Clothes dryers

Clothes dryers in Canberra are very useful, but they can also be a source of ignition for aClean your lint filter reguarly. fire if not used correctly.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions especially with installation.

Do not use the dryer if it is making unusual noises, for example rubbing/grinding sounds or if the timer is not functioning properly.

Face the facts

Clothes dryers can be source of ignition for a fire. It is important to follow some basic rules when using a clothes dryer.

  • Do not overload your clothes dryer;
  • Do not put dripping wet clothes into a dryer;
  • Clean the lint filter regularly;
  • Do not turn on the dryer then leave the house;
  • Do not place clothes or other items on or around the clothes dryer;
  • Make sure the area where the clothes dryer is being used is well-ventilated.

Clothes dryers fact sheet [.PDF 306KB]