Candles, when used safely, create ambiance, but can also create a fire risk.

If you must use candles, keep burning candles one metre away from furniture, drapes, bedding, carpet and other flammable materials.

Always use a proper candleholder that is heat resistant, sturdy and large enough to hold dripping wax, especially on wooden furniture or cloth-covered surfaces.

Flashlights and battery powered lights are a safer light source than candles during a power failure.

Face the facts

Candles used for any reason including decoration, aromatherapy or lighting can pose a fire risk.

  • Make sure candles are extinguished when leaving the room or going to sleep;
  • Never let children have lit candles in their room;
  • Do not have candles where they can be knocked over by children or pets,
  • Never spray an aerosol can near a candle;
  • Keep matches and lighters high up and out of the way of children;
  • Try to avoid walking with a candle ; and
  • Do not put candles on windowsills.

Candles fact sheet [.PDF 306KB]