In the rural areas

Rural lease holders or others who live, work or recreate in our rural areas need to be aware of the bush and fire threat in these areas and Prepare. Act. Survive.

Lease holders in particular may have obligations in their lease to prevent fire occuring or spreading from their properties. To assist in this area the ACTRFS has prepared the Farm Rire Wise Program.

Farm FireWise Program

farm firewise logoACT Farm Fire Wise (FFW) is an exciting program that has been developed by the ACTRFS to support and assist our rural community in their prevention, preparedness, response and recovery actions and capabilities.

It is a tool that has been tailor-made to suit ACT rural landholders, their leasing arrangements as well as farming practices.

Central to the project is the development of a Risk Assessment Worksheet (RAW), which acts as a tool to guide those in the community with less bushfire knowledge and experience through a set process; and at the same time acts as a checklist to those already undertaking the necessary bushfire planning and preparations.

A series of property and strategic maps accompany the RAW and depict existing property data held by the ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) as well as providing a medium on which to record changes or corrections. A detailed Information Guide and supporting documentation are provided to assist the process.

The RAW has been produced to act as a comprehensive checklist with simple yes and no questions. Where possible we have avoided using long-winded questions, which require extensive written answers.

A further component of the FFW program is a comprehensive bushfire Stay or Go kit, which the ACT RFS have adopted from the Western Australian Fire and Emergency Services Authority. Extensive research found it to be one of the most comprehensive and well-designed document of its kind.

For more detailed on the FFW program please refer to the below links or contact your Rural Liaison Officer on (02) 6205 4285 or email