Bushfire arson

medium pressure gas pipeline sign after bushfireYou can stop bushfire arson occurring!

You can assist in keeping your community safe from deliberately lit bushfires. Remember, all deliberately lit bush and grass fires are a threat to your community (no matter how small they are). Bushfire arson is not tolerated in the ACT and is taken very seriously by police and fire services.

Be alert and take notice of

  • The description of people loitering around bushland reserves along with cars or bikes they may be riding in or on.

When a fire starts

  • A description of people leaving the area.
  • The time when you first saw smoke/flames.
  • where in the reserve you first saw the fire burning.

What to do with this information?

  • Write it down, take photos.
  • Report it to the ACT fire or police service officers at the scene or call Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

Your information could stop the next bushfire from being lit!

Face the facts

  • Bushfire arson is a crime, no matter how big or small the fire.
  • The majority of fires in Australia are caused by humans and a large proportion of these are deliberately lit.
  • All deliberately lit fires are a threat to our Territory and the safety of you, your family and friends.
  • The next deliberately lit bushfire could kill someone or destroy your property.
  • ACT police and fire services work together to solve this crime.
  • Your help is needed to detect arsonists.

grassfireBushfire arson in the national capital

  • The incidence of deliberate firelighting in the ACT is a concern for everyone.
  • The deliberate fires cause environmental damage, can damage or destroy property and can injure or kill people. All deliberate bushfires are considered a serious matter.
  • The ACT Rural Fire Service has a specialist investigators available to determine the cause of bushfires.
  • ACT policing and the fire service work closely together to identify those responsible.

Match being litPenalties

Very severe penalties exist in the ACT in relation to deliberate fire lighting.

Under the Crimes Act, penalties of up to 25 years gaol can apply to individuals who are convicted.

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