Training opportunities

Chainsaw Training

Chainsaw Training

Fighting bushfire is a dangerous activity and as such each of our fire fighters must have the competence required to allow them to undertake this role as safely as possible. Our training provides members with the skills and knowledge to enable them to:

  • Work safely on the fire ground;
  • Improve knowledge of fire behaviour;
  • Use various techniques to suppress a fire;
  • Use and care for fire fighting equipment;
  • Use and care for communications equipment; and
  • Work in a team as well as provide leadership.
Tanker Driver Training

Tanker Driver Training

There are many optional specialist and general training opportunities available to our RFS members in addition to the basic training requirements.

Other optional training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Operating 4wds
  • Heavy vehicle driving
  • Chainsaw operation basic trimming, and falling courses
  • Helicopter awareness
  • First aid
  • Incident management
  • Village fire fighting
  • Fire extinguisher training
  • Remote area fire fighting
  • Conducting Hazard reduction burning
  • Aviation training
  • Fire investigation

For more information on the training programs please contact the Learning and development officer on (02) 6205 0367 or email


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