CFU Membership

Community Fire Units (CFU) are established by the ACT Fire & Rescue (ACTF&R) Chief Officer under section 47 of the Emergencies Act 2004 (the Act).

Members of CFU’s are appointed as volunteer members of ACTF&R by the Chief Officer under section 48 of the Act.

The main functions of a CFU are defined in section 49 of the Act and these are;

  • To undertake Fire prevention work
  • To assist with Firefighting during a Fire emergency
  • To assist with recovery operations after a Fire emergency

In accordance with the Act, CFU’s have a clearly defined Operational Area and a Fire Protection & Training Area. To view these areas, please go to the ACTF&R web site > Community Fire Units > Locations (Maps).

Membership Criteria;

Membership to the Community Fire Unit program is available to ACT residents who are 18 years or older who preferably live within the CFU Operational Area but must live within the CFU Fire Protection & Training Area.

Also, in accordance with the ACT Working With Vulnerable People Act 2011, (WWVP) and the Emergency Services Agency WWVP policy, all CFU members are required to hold a current unrestricted WWVP registration card. For more information about the card and to commence the registration process, please go to the Access Canberra website;

Appointment as a member of the CFU program is confirmed once the applicant has successfully completed the E-Learning and the practical components of the Induction training package and holds an ACT General WWVP registration card.

To become a CFU member; 

  1. The next step is to go through the Introduction to the ACTF&R CFU Program. This is an informative and educational program on CFU’s roles and responsibilities.
  2. At the conclusion of the CFU Introduction, you will be asked if you wish to continue with your membership application. If YES, complete the membership form and submit. If NO, exit the site.
  3. The membership form asks if you hold a current unrestricted WWVP registration card. If YES, provide your registration # and expiry date. If NO, follow the link to Access Canberra website to find out about WWVP and how to apply for a card.
  1. Your application will now be assessed by the ACTF&R CFU Co-ordination team. If you meet the membership criteria, you will receive an access code to the CFU E-Learning induction training program.
  2. Complete modules 1 – 5 and submit.
  3. You will now receive notification from the CFU Co-ordination team on the next available Practical training days which will be conducted at the Emergency Services Training facility, 89 David Warren Rd Hume ACT.
  4. Complete the Practical training.
  5. On successful completion of all elements of the Induction training and proof of possession of a WWVP registration card, new members will receive their Certificate of Appointment and CFU Identification card, (mailed to their residential address). Instructions will then be provided on how you will be issued with your CFU Personal Protective Clothing (PPC).