New recruit training

New recruits undergo extensive training in a college environment for a period of 90 training days. New recruits will undergo their training in the Emergency Services Agency’s new training centre at Hume. During the training period recruits learn about fire behaviour and safety and fire fighting techniques as well as rescue techniques in all rescue disciplines and hazardous materials handling. A mandatory component of a Fire Fighter’s qualification is a Medium Rigid Drivers Licence. This level of licence must be gained prior to completion of the probationary phase of employment. Failure to gain this qualification will result in employment termination. Facilitation for the gaining of this licence will be provided during the probationary phase.

Recruits are provided with a mix of theoretical and practical training and, at the end of training recruits graduate from the college to immediately become an integral member of an operational crew.

At the completion of initial training, Firefighters undertake an extensive on shift training program ensuring that their techniques are continually improving supporting their progression in their career as a qualified Firefighter. This structured training program prepares Firefighters for the challenges expected through all phases of their careers with nationally recognised competencies and skills acquired as part of this program.