Commissioner’s Message

The ACT Emergency Services Agency (ESA) is extremely proud of our commitment to implement a recruit college with 50% women and 50% men. This means that women who satisfy the requirements and meet the standards for the role will fill eight of the sixteen recruit positions.

I am committed to emergency services that embrace and harness the strengths that diversity and inclusion can provide. The 50:50 recruit college delivers on the ESA’s Women in Emergency Services Strategy, which aims to recruit more women into our emergency services, as well as supporting more women to gain leadership roles across the ESA.

As you consider your future employment with ACT Fire & Rescue, I also encourage you to think of the opportunities that exist for you within our multi-service agency. The ESA comprises the ACT Ambulance Service, ACT Fire & Rescue, the ACT Rural Fire Service, the ACT State Emergency Service and the ESA Support Services. Together we are one team of many players with the shared vision of working together to care and protect the community.

I wish both women and men looking to join our agency all the best during the recruitment process, and I congratulate those who are championing the principles of diversity and inclusion.

Dominic Lane
ACT Emergency Services Agency

Role of a firefighter

Being a firefighter is no ordinary job. The work is varied, challenging and rewarding. The information provided on this webpage will help you to better understand the role of a firefighter, the key requirements of the role and outline the recruitment process. We encourage all women and men to use this information to prepare for the recruitment process and to maximise your potential for successful employment.

To learn more about the role of a firefighter view our firefighter profiles below.

kaye 1 Brett Slater 1 Kerri 1 Paul

Key Information

Next Recruitment Date

ACT Fire & Rescue are not recruiting at this current time. Please continue to check the website for updates.

The Recruitment Process

The recruitment process is managed by a contracted recruitment agency, using the following
staged process.

Stage 1:
Applications are sought from individuals seeking employment as firefighters. Advertisements will be placed in The Canberra Times, on the ACT Fire & Rescue website and Jobs ACT with applications open for a period of two weeks.

Following the closing date, all applications will be assessed against the general recruitment
requirements and response to the selection criteria, with successful applicants proceeding to stage two of the process.

Stage 2:
Qualifying applicants will be invited to attend a cardiovascular challenge test known as a ‘BEEP test’. This test consists of a shuttle runs 20 meters in length, where a level of 9.6 must be obtained for the applicant to progress further in the recruitment process. It is recommended potential applicants practice this test before undertaking this part of the recruitment process. A demonstration of the ‘BEEP test’ [] can be found online.

Stage 3:
Candidates who attain 9.6 in the beep test will attend an aptitude test session. This session lasts 3-4 hours and includes tests of a range of skills including verbal, numerical, mechanical and abstract reasoning, and spatial relations.

Applicants will be also be required to prepare a written response to a question relating to the
selection criteria of Work Health and Safety, diversity or participative work practices.

Memory aids are not permitted in the testing environment, nor are computers, mobile phones, written notes etc.

Stage 4:
Candidates who reach a predetermined level in the aptitude tests are then shortlisted on the basis of their application and the responses to questions asked during aptitude testing.

Stage 5:
Suitable candidates are then invited to a thorough physical aptitude test (PAT) and assessment centre activities including teamwork exercises. ACT Fire & Rescue demonstration of the Physical Aptitude Test.

Successful applicants at this stage of the recruitment process, will also be required to participate in formal interviews and psychological testing.

Note: The field of candidates is likely to be reduced at each of these stages until, following the final assessment, 16 candidates will be offered employment.

Preparing for Recruitment

Candidate Information Pack

Candidate Information Pack [PDF 1.4 MB]

The following documents and resources will help you to prepare for the recruitment process:

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