Vehicles and equipment

Varley Type 4 mid ship pumper and heavy rescue pumper

Urban Pumper - Ian Bennett

ACTF&R currently has five front line Varley Type 4 pumpers in the fleet. These pumpers carry a minimum crew of four at all times, comprising of a Station Officer and three Firefighters, with the capacity to enhance the crewing to four Firefighters should the need arise.

The Varley Type 4 pumpers perform many functions, the primary ones being rescue and fire suppression capabilities. Other capabilities include foam making and pumping, Breathing Apparatus (BA), ladder rescue, Hazmat, medical emergencies, the ability to store personal protective equipment, and equipment to perform many other rescue functions.

BRONTO Aerial Appliance (44 RLX)

The 'Bronto' Hydraulic Platform

ACTF&R currently has in service a Bronto 44 metre aerial appliance capable of performing rescues at varying heights. It is also utilised as a firefighting appliance. The Telescopic Ladder Platform has a maximum working height of forty four (44) metres (measured from the base of the cage to the ground) with telescopic lower booms and an articulated telescopic upper boom, hydraulically operated with a fixed waterway and escape ladder fitted to the Base Vehicle.

The Bronto is presently stationed at Belconnen Fire Station, Aranda and carries a crew of two Firefighters both qualified in Bronto aerial firefighting.


HAZMAT Response

ACTF&R presently has a specialised HAZMAT vehicle capable of responding to and managing hazardous materials, Chemical, Biological and Radiological (CBR), post-fire atmospheric monitoring and fire fighting support response. The vehicle is located at Fyshwick Fire Station and is staffed by a Station Officer and three Firefighters.



Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) Tankers

ACTF&R currently has two heavy and two light CAFS tanker units, strategically located north and south of Lake Burley Griffin. The CAFS units work in tandem with other firefighting appliances and assist in the protection of life and property when responding to bush and grass fire incidents in the built up area and on the rural interface of the ACT.

The great advantage of these appliances is their ability to generate and apply large amounts of ‘sticky’ foam to structures and vegetation that are at risk from fire.

The units are staffed by a Station Officer and three Firefighters and are located on the southside of the ACT at Chisholm Fire Station, and in the north at Gungahlin Fire Station.