Fees and charges

Ambulance fees and charges are approved by the Minister for Police and Emergency Services and are reviewed annually. The fees and charges below are current as at 1 July 2016.

Service Cost
Emergency ambulance service (treatment and transport) $918 (+$12/km for every km travelled outside the ACT)
Emergency ambulance service (treatment not including transport) $637
Non-emergency ambulance service (treatment and transport) by an Ambulance Paramedic or an Intensive Care Paramedic $656 (+$12/km for every km travelled outside the ACT)
Non-emergency ambulance service (treatment and transport) by Patient Transport Service resource $237 (+$5/km for every km travelled outside the ACT)

Frequently asked questions

Why do emergency ambulance services cost so much?

Ambulance fees and charges reflect the cost of providing a quality and responsive ambulance service by intensive care paramedics 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What if I didn’t call the ambulance?

Although you may not have requested an ambulance personally, an ambulance was called on your behalf and the service was delivered.
ACT Legislation places a legal obligation on the person receiving the ambulance service to pay the account.
Section 201 (2) of the Emergencies Act 2004 provides that “A fee determined by a service provided to a person by an emergency service is payable by the person even if the person did not ask for, or consent to, the provision of the service”.


What if I feel that I didn’t receive medical treatment and was still issued with an invoice?

Medical treatment follows a set of guidelines set out by Emergencies Act 2004 and can include observations which occur while taking your personal details.

What if I wasn’t transported to hospital?

Response of an emergency ambulance delivers highly skilled Intensive Care Paramedics and advanced medical equipment to the scene. There is a cost in delivering this service, even if you are not subsequently transported to hospital.

Will Medicare cover ambulance accounts?

Medicare does not cover the cost of the provision of ambulance services.

How can I insure to cover the cost of ambulance services?

  1. Private health insurance
    If you have ambulance cover with a registered health fund in the ACT then you should be covered for ambulance services however it is strongly advised that you check the policy with your registered health fund.
  2. Ambulance only cover
    The ACT Ambulance Subscription Scheme is no longer administered by the NIB Health Fund; members of the public can compare registered health funds at the government initiative website, privatehealth.gov.au.If you are not eligible for Centrelink benefits, private health cover is available via contact with your preferred health care provider in the form of “Top Tier Hospital Cover” or “Ambulance only cover”, some funds will cover you whether you are transported or not. You can find the available health funds at privatehealth.gov.au.

I am organising group travel or school excursion from interstate to or via the ACT, can I get cover for this?

Reciprocal arrangements are in place between ACT and NSW to cover school groups during approved school activities.

Are pensioners entitled to free ambulance services?

ACT Pensioner Concession and Health Care Cardholders (valid at the time of service delivery) are entitled to free emergency ambulance services within the ACT.

When interstate, ACT Pensioner Concession and Health Care Cardholders are entitled to free emergency ambulance services from an approved ambulance provider only if that state participates in reciprocal arrangements with the ACT. Important if travelling: It is strongly recommended that you check your entitlements prior to travelling interstate by contacting the ACT Ambulance Service on (02) 6207 9980 as these arrangements change from time to time. Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia do not currently participate in reciprocal arrangements with the ACT and you will be charged for ambulance services in these states.

What if I received an account but I am entitled to free ambulance services?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, you will be sent an ambulance account when you are entitled to free ambulance services. Perhaps you were too ill for the relevant details to be collected by our intensive care paramedics, or your details were incomplete or illegible when the account was processed.

If you are an ACT Pensioner Concession or Health Care Cardholder, please photocopy the front and back of your pension or health care card and return a copy with your ambulance account to the address provided.

If you have private health insurance or ambulance only cover, please have the account endorsed by your health fund and return to the address provided.

Third party Liability
Ambulance services are charged to a third party in the following instances:

Description Liable party
Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) entitlement card* DVA
Transport between two public hospitals Initiating hospital
Transport from a public hospital to an external diagnostic facility Initiating hospital

*Individual entitlements should be confirmed with DVA as some transports must be approved by DVA prior to being booked.

What if ambulance services were provided as a result of a road traffic crash in the ACT?

ACT Residents travelling in a motor vehicle are covered for emergency ambulance services within the ACT through the road rescue fee levied on vehicle registration. This does not cover incidents with personal liability of injury or damage to a third party.

What if ambulance services were provided as a result of a workplace accident?

In certain circumstances compulsory third party (CTP) or workers compensation insurance may cover the provision of ambulance services. For further information please contact your insurance company or your employer.

What if I still feel that I can’t afford to pay my ambulance account?

Other provisions do exist against which your request could be considered. These provisions include Section 131 ‘Waiver of Debts’ (Financial Management Act 1996) or existing financial delegations that provide scope for a debt to be cancelled where the delegate is satisfied that the ‘debt is irrecoverable at law, or the debtor is without funds and there is no reasonable prospect of their financial situation improving’.
If you are of the opinion that your current financial circumstances should be taken into account, you can provide information that you feel may assist in further review of the invoice outside of the original reasons.

What if after review, I am still required to pay my account but can’t afford the whole amount before the due date?

If after review, you are still required to finalise your account with us, we can recommended that you be offered a payment installment plan and have someone from our finance department, the Shared Services Pink Team will contact you regarding this arrangement.

This page was last modified on August 4th, 2016